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Talents principles
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First, Talent Concept: people-oriented, talent is the greatest wealth
We have always believed that talent is Utop's most precious wealth. Only employees in a good working environment, with the greatest talent to display their space, the enterprise can be developed by leaps and bounds. "People-oriented" The first is respect for talent, on the basis of equality, respect for employees’career development goals, respect for different views of the staff of the enterprise. Secondly, in respect of the premise, so caring staff, as the staff for the business partners to help them achieve career best return on investment. Again, "people-oriented" to do according to the staff director, someone special, as much as possible to provide a platform for development.

Second, talents in the Utop's eyes
◆ adapt to modern society’s values, including the firm ideals and beliefs and sense of innovation
Firm ideals and beliefs should be the spiritual pillar of deep historical and cultural heritage, innovative spirit is manifested in a scientific spirit, the quality of a character, a state of mind, a pursuit of excellence in psychological orientation, an initiative to change their and environmental resilience.
◆ There adapt to the development of modern society, the knowledge structure
Embodied in the knowledge-based vision of a broad and forward-looking, should stand at the frontier of knowledge, with an international perspective, the pursuit of new discoveries, explore new law, the creation of new doctrine, and create new ways to accumulate new knowledge.
◆ Have the perfect personality of the modern social development
Should be good human cultural achievements, including ethics, philosophy, history, literature, art and other people into the intrinsic quality of the stable, to understand why a man, why is born of man and nature, man and society, including how to deal with, the relationship between the rational, emotional, and will.

Third, Utop's principle of employment
◆ attractive mechanism, environment, cohesion, and retain people with the cause of the system to protect people.
◆ ability and political integrity must be reused, morality without talent ones can be used or not,must not use the one without morality.