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What’s the going great advantages of white LED?

At present, white LED function lighting is mainly LED streetlight, LED tunnel light, LED tube light. Compared with traditional lighting, white LED light source in the application process shows many advantages. In the next few years, the next generation of white LED lighting will become the main product.

White LED as a semiconductor light source, compared to traditional lighting sources, and its power consumption is only about 20% of the latter. With white LED light source, will reduce to a conventional semiconductor light-emitting energy consumption about 20% of lighting.

Details are as below:
Long life span. More than 30,000hrs, 5 times longer than traditional lighting products.

High lighting efficacy and color rendering index. Luminous efficiency is more than 100lm/w, narrow light spectrum, high CRI.

Easy installation. Especially for tube light, no need to remove starter, install diretly in lighting fitting.

Low heat productivity. Within 50°in summer for temperature control, also can adopt passive heat dissipation.

Low maintenance cost. Compared with traditional lighting products, the maintenance cost is low. For modularization, when partial failure will not affect whole lamp working.

Enegy saving. More than 50% energy saving compared with traditional lighting fixture.

High safety. Safe volatage (low voltage) to drive, stable lighting, no stroboscopic and ultraviolet radiation damage.

Start immediately. LED reflect immediately, ensure multi light connecting and different area changing at the same LED. When using dedicated driver to supply power, the start time is less than 10ms;

No light pollution. Directional light of LED is helpful for controlling distribution of light, to ensure ideal lighting effect. At the same time, eliminate LED glare, light pollution and improve the using of LED lighting effeciency greatly.

Low light decay. Intergrated design of lighting fixture is avoid of reduplicate waste of light; The color temperature is adjustable to meet different requirements to have a comfortable feeling.

Green initiative. No lead, mercury and other harmful element, very friendly to environmental, no UV-light pollution.


As mentioned above, there are so many advantages of white LED, LED lighting was called third revolution in human lighting history.At present, all over the world is seeking for solution of the contradiction between economic development and energy shortage, seeking for the way of human being and environment harmonious development. As known to us all, semiconductor illumination industry will generate great investment opportunity.

In China, illumination is 12% in total electricity consumption. LED lamps are energy saving, environmental protection, long lifespan, maintenance-free, easy to control and so on. In terms of saving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions point of view, or from the perspective of reducing environmental pollution, LED light source as a new choice to traditional lighting sources have great potential. The same as transistors replaced electronic valve, semiconductor light alternative to traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps in general lighting will cause a revolution.