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HPS Lamps out and LED Street Lights in Taipei City in 2018...learn more
San’an Optoelectronics qualifies AIXTRON Showerhead Reactor for production of Deep UV LEDs...learn more
Seoul Semiconductor and Toshiba Materials Co-develop SunLike Solution Friendly to Human Eyes...learn more
Seoul Semiconductor Resolves LED Filament Bulb Lawsuit against Global Retailer Kmart and Pursues Further Patent Enforcement Initiatives...learn more
LEDinside: Top 10 LED Market Trends in 2016...learn more
Initiation of LED Filament Patent and Supply Chain Wars to Take Place in 2H15...learn more
Nichia launched new LED products in InterOpto 2014...learn more
India to Overhaul All Existing Streetlights to LEDs...learn more
Indian State Tamil Nadu Upgrades to LED Tube Lights...learn more
San’an Transition from 2 Inch to 4 Inch Sapphire Substrate Production to Reach Above 70% Next Year...learn more
US Phase-out of Inefficient Incandescent Light-Bulb Complete January 1st...learn more
Roshow Technology Claims Sapphire Substrate Investment Rumor is False...learn more
Sapphire Substrate to Dominate LED Market in 2014...learn more
Samsung to Bring Life back into LED Business...learn more
DOE Publishes CALiPER Snapshot Report on LED A Lamps...learn more
Lighting Science Ranked One of the Fastest Growing Companies in North America...learn more
Cree Appoints Norbert Hiller as Executive Vice President Lighting...learn more
Nichia Adds Patents and Defendants in Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Everlight in the U.S....learn more
Honglitronic Monthly Package Production Reaches Historical High...learn more
Medical UV LED is Next Hot R&D Field...learn more

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