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Utop's New Year Party 2009
2013/12/6- UTOP

It is a wonderful day for Utop, 2009 New Year Party held successfully.

The party was held on January 10, 2009 1:00 pm at the Xili Golden Lily Hotel lecture hall on the first floor.There are almost 300 guests attended this theme party"2008 summary and 2009 outlook", such as Mr Wu(general manager), Mr Wang(vice manager),leaders from the District Technology Bureau, DC newspaper,Public Security Bureau police brigade and other units of the guests. All of Utop's employees also came to party by five buses to celebrate the Wonderful moment.

At 2pm, two host's enthusiastic prologue brought us into the first part of the annual meeting "The Past and The Future". At the starting of the party, the host introduced company leaders and guests present the meeting in the cheerful music "the prelude to the Spring Festival". Subsequently, Mr Wu gave an annual summary report, an objective review of the breakthrough and progress of the company in 2008. He expounded the development strategy of the company in 2009, "Although the global economy situation is affected greatly, but our company also has advantage because of we are in LED industry, we will continue to promote reform and innovation, strengthen research and development efforts, and supervise the human resources in scientific ways to get new development opportunities in the competition, strengthen and expand our products to make a national brand." Wu said. His words gave us hope and light, confidence and determination. Mr Wang next station to address in the height of the nation passionately, "We Chinese suffering a lot in 2008, face to difficulties, our brave and hardworking Chinese people can overcome all sorts of natural disasters, take the bull by the horns and go forward, to get the final victory. This is our national spirit, if we have the same mentality and attitude to face your own work, any problem can be solved." Wang said. New challenges and opportunities in the new year, Wang called everyone to keep our passion and attitude as usual, and push forward a new scene of development. His speech pushed the atmosphere of the entire conference to a climax. Finally, Wang gave us two requirements: first,learn to smile, second,we can get a revenue increased by 50% under the efforts of the company. Face life and work with a smile, and endeavour to face the pressures and challenges with a positive attitude.

The second part was "The Hall of Honor". Leadership awarded for more than 20 outstanding employees, their working enthusiasm and serious attitude won the affirmation of the company, which we should learn from. And then into the third chapter-endless happiness. Wrote and performed by themselves, brilliant performances from different departments boarded this beautiful stage, showing the enthusiasm of Utop members. Sitcom "stewardess Crazy", debate "brand and quality" and other programs won the audience's favorite, rated as excellent program. In the middle of the wonderful programs also interspersed with a raffle to add the exciting atmosphere for the party. The fourth chapter"memorable night",the host said the conclusion with a deep feeling, the party ended up at 7:30 pm. Personnel department dedicated to preparing the annual meeting for a long time with such a successful conclusion.

Annual meeting was over, but all of us stayed in the memories of bits and pieces of the party. The whole plan was very comprehensive, which are inseparable from their hard work. We have struggled to think many of the details, assigned to the man, took everything in the place to ensure the smooth progress of the meeting, Looked at the dribs and drabs labor finally summed up the perfection of the party, everyone in the mind heartfelt happy.