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6S TO 7S Promotion Meeting
2013/12/6- UTOP

Life is so beautiful, the progress of human is so quickly, everything is inseparable from our dedication, hard work in silence,and ordinary labor. Let us send the wishes of all the workers to the distance, to the future. Let us cheer for tomorrow, sing for the May, clap for workers. Labor is the most glorious.

Just after the first day of the labor day, Utop held the tenth staff meeting with theme "6S TO 7S" as scheduled. The conference different from the past is that the company decided to upgrade from the 6S to 7S site management, meaning that the higher demands, a higher starting point, also a better learning and growth opportunity for all the staff.

First, the general manager of the company expounded the significance of implementation of 7S,and gave a comprehensive and detailed arrangement.Following, the deputy head of the 7S  presented the problems came out recently and solutions to everyone with a PPT. Correcting or stimulation. Second, to the key problems in the production work and on-site inspection just found in the demo, general manager gave a combing and summary, and puted forward many constructive suggestions to deal with the problem thoroughly. Finally, the manager announced the news of the first session of workers to carry Lighting Technology Skills Competition. Union officials presented the detailed matters and incentives, and encouraged all employees to register and actively participate in,and to be skills star. Union officials also solicited opinions from the staff at the scene, the meeting ended in the language and laughter.


May 3, 2011, in order to show the employees work skills, improve staff's work enthusiasm to enrich the spiritual life of employees, create a corporate "compare, study, chase, help, surpass" learning atmosphere, our union lanched the event with spirit of "learning skills, strengthen quality, contend experts  " to introduce the first session of employee skills competition.

The picture shows the general manager and union vice chairman explaining registration process and the game to mobilize employees to participate in the competition actively.

Utop Committee: Yang Fan