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Utop Invited to Showcase Communication Meeting of General Armament Department of the PLA
2013/12/6- UTOP

On December 5 to 8, 2011, the meeting in accordance with the overall logistics of building a modern army deployment and integration of the overall development of ideas aimed at promoting military procurement sunshine, green office, create green army office environment,to create a safe and reliable military information platform, and also held the General Armament Department of Purchasing storage vendor training for exhibitors to provide products and military supply and demand interaction platform.

Invited by the organizers,Utop and other related groups participated in the event,brought a wealth of new LED lighting and display products(the main venue of the conference LED display sponsored by Utop for free). A group of products representing the international advanced technology level to be carried out at the meeting. Utop marketing manager Mr Zhuo made a speech with the theme of "LED Green Lighting-add luster to life".

Green and Safty Become the Highlights

The exhibition is different from the general office supplies trade fairs, it promoted green purchasing and information security, green, low carbon, environmental friendly, energy saving and safety of modern office equipment and supplies all show elegant appearance in the fair. Utop, AURORA Group, Datang Telecon Group and other well-known companies flaunted their "skills".

In addition, exhibitors are the outstanding business representatives rigorously inspected and audited by the military. Exhibits must reach five major criteria below: serve for military, focused on civil-military integration,and create a win-win situation; environmental protection prominently, information security, intelligent office; with new technology, new knowledge, advanced and originality; advocate and provide new, safe, smart office concept and solutions; meets the army supplies supplier qualification requirements. Actually, it is excellent chance for the exhibitors to show its own power, image, brand, and scientific and technological innovation.

Storage Become the Common Expectation

Most vendors on behalf of the meeting cherished great expectations, "network construction, vendor management policy interpretation and military material procurement held on December 7 in the afternoon, the military supplies vendor storage procedures and requirements, expert Q & A site, on-site audit original qualifications and other business activities, is the highlight of the supplier, enter the General Armament Department of the library is a rare opportunity for enterprises, which is the common aspiration of many suppliers. "" We sincerely hope by showing our products to the military to show our brand strength, expand awareness, purchase orders from the army,and we also believe that our products and services can meet the needs of military procurement. "marketing manager Mr Zhuo said, but he also expressed another feelings  "interpretation of the General Logistics Department by experts and other technical experts to guide our qualification requirements for storage, had a clearer understanding about the program of storage." nonlocal enterprise is preferred, we were moved by the humanized service consciousness.