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Utop Detachable LED Lamp Appeared at Shenzhen Designers Conference
2013/12/6- UTOP

On August 31, sponsored by the China lighting association, China lighting association "lighting technology and design" to undertake the"LED power driver and lighting control system"  was successfully held in Shenzhen Guoxin Hotel.

Guangdong Provincial Institute of Architectural Design Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer Jiang Zhongming, China lighting academy's leaders at all levels and the general representative of lighting companies both at home and abroad participated in the meeting for discussion, they made a depth analysis and outlook for the current situation of the development prospect and application of LED lighting. Utop as the host invited company took part in the seminar actively. Utop introduced the ,core technology, production capacity, various products, high quality services and so on, what's more, the detachable Series LED lamps as 2012 new product were introduced at the meeting.

According Utop product development manager He's introduce, the detachable Series LED lamps's price,performance,quality advantages on the market are competitive compare to the similar products.It has been leading significant change in the LED lamp market.Its ultra high cost-effective products successfully meet the needs of different consumers, and provide customers with a higher efficiency of cheap solution.

Utop's 2012 new products-T8 tubes attracted many designers, they put forward the quetions and the suggestions about the new pet. Manager He respond to the scene actively, then everyone got confidence in LED lamp market prospects.