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Shenzhen Government Deputy Secretary Tang Jian and His Entourage Visited Utop
2013/12/6- UTOP

July 2 morning, shenzhen government deputy secretary accompanied by city officials came to inspect Utop and listen to the report.

Tang Jian, Deputy Secretary-General and his entourage first visited Utop's park and exhibition hall, then they listened to the vice President of Utop Yang Haifeng's report about the company profile, development, direction and target. Tang Jian asked in detail about features of Utop's product, prospects of LED market, when he learned that Utop is actively to seek a new development, he gave high affirmation to our work.

This visit fully demonstrates the provincial party committee leadership and shenzhen department leadership's concern and support of the LED industry, also greatly encouraged all the employees. Utop  will make persistent efforts to contribute to the development of LED industry.