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Company staff meeting
2013/12/6- UTOP

Sept. 7 at noon, the company held monthly staff meeting. At the meeting, the general manager of the company elaborated the corporate culture, philosophy,the favorite employees for company, a sense of responsibility, and so on.

The meeting emphasized that the "integrity, cooperation, rigorous, progressive" spirit of enterprise is our firm belief and spiritual support in the course of growing. In particular, general manager told that rigorous is care, with the ancients saying "tough is love, pine is harmful" for the same reason, not only to strictly comply with the company's management system, but also to work together for the company to create a better tomorrow. Rigorous care is to build a harmonious enterprise and a harmonious life with a new concept "care company, care staff, care customers, care consumers!".

At the meeting, the company presented to the staff a common vision"gather first-class talents, first-class enterprise, create first-class brand".On this basis, the measures of employees's pay are clear. So, if you work hard to make progress and acquire new skills, you will get the promotion chance regardless of education background. The general manager put forward what is the most popular staff for a company at the meeting. The company's interest first at any time, responsible for the work, sincerely to enterprise, deal with anything actively, have good interpersonal relationship and team spirit, try the best to work well without any excuse, solve the problem from work by yourself,do not rely on others, always keep in mind to provide good advice for enterprise, maintaining the image of the company, care the fate of the enterprise, if you are the one like this, you are the most popular one for the company.

Finally, all staff watched the video of the Haier to hit the refrigerator, it is hoped employees understand the quality of the products is the life of the enterprise, only high quality and efficient enterprise can be invincible in any challenge. So, company must keep products in good quality. If there is no concept of quality control management, the company can not survive, do not to talk about long-term development. So we asked the staff to change the attitude, face the work with their full enthusiasm, passion and perseverance.

"To create a healthy and safe light for all the mankind" is our company's responsibility and mission. Providing customers with high quality, safe, reliable technology and products is our eternal principle, we will continue to go beyond ourselves, continue to create value for customers and provide more excellent technology, products and services. Company will adhere to the concept of honest service throughout our work, creating beautiful tomorrow hand in hand with you.

Headquarters department: Wang Wei