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Utop organized staff to participate in outdoor training
2014/9/5- UTOP

To enhance the cohesion and team spirits, to meet the new round of selling season, Utop organized staff go to Yuanshan Park, Henggang Town, Longgang Area to attend a two-day one night outdoor training during August 23 to 24.

After a short line up training, it began with grouping and team culture construction. 91 trainees from eight departments were divided into seven groups, then team leaders and other cadres were elected. The team name, slogan, team song and team flag should be completed within a specified period of time and then show it. It created an honor sense of team.

Facing the burning sun, regardless of age, height and weight, all of us devoted ourselves into the training to experience the energy and friendship of our teams, and feeling the spirit of teamwork training. Finished "act in unison," "Indiana Jones", "long life," "pass ball", "graduation wall" and other projects. We overcame personal feelings of fears and psychological barriers, and we conquered all the challenges relying on the strength of our team. At the end of each item, the coach helped us to analyze the details of activities, techniques and problems, and let us share the psychological feelings combining our work and life. This Experience - Share – Practice  way kept the ideas of learning and thinking into our minds deeply, we really know ourselves, challenge ourselves, and then beyond ourselves, establishing the unity spirits, breaking the limitations of thinking, stimulating the potential of individual and team.

This training improved the communication of the staff, release of negative emotions, forming a good atmosphere of mutual love, unity and trust, and enhance the cohesion and solidarity of our whole company.